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The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Getting ready for Valentine’s Day? We’re so excited to celebrate this holiday dedicated to love. But if you haven’t done your shopping yet, you might need to run out to the store soon. We have some amazing gift ideas for you. Remember, you don’t need an SO to celebrate this special day. Share the holiday with your friends and family too. Keep reading below to get some amazing inspiration for gifts for the best people in your life.

1. Candy

It might sound obvious, but nothing says “I love you” like someone’s favorite candy. It doesn’t need to be fancy or in a large red heart-shaped box. Christy loves getting cookie dough bites from Target and Ben is a sucker for fruit snacks. Just showing you pay attention to what the other person likes goes a long way. This is a great idea for friends, family and people you recently started dating.

2. A Stuffed Animal

Stuffed animals can be such cute gifts and there are so many options. Consider being creative and getting someone their favorite animal, whether that be a tiger, a moose or a dolphin. Just make sure it’s adorable and soft. Giving something sentimental is sure to make your SO swoon and every time they look at their gift, they will think of you.

3. An Event/Excursion

It doesn’t need to be a physical gift for someone to love it. Instead of going to a store, you can plan something to do together. It can be as simple and romantic as dinner and a movie or more extravagant like a weekend away. If you’re married, we highly recommend the weekend away option. Couples need alone time. There’s plenty of options, whether you choose a destination close to home or jet set on a getaway.

4. A Cozy Blanket

It’s still winter and nothing says romantic like cuddling on the couch under a cozy blanket. Some of our favorite blankets come from Vera Bradley and they’re in cute patterns too. Find a pattern that matches the recipient’s personality and help them stay warm for the rest of chilly season.

5. A Care Package

These are great gifts to give to friends, especially if you’re planning a friend’s day on February 14th. Care packages can have different themes, such as a spa day or coffee lovers. It’s a fun and easy way to show someone that you care and make it personal. For a Galentine’s Day celebration, we recommend the spa day basket idea.

6. A Romantic Book

We’re both total bookworms, so we want to receive a book for every holiday. If your SO is into romance books, most bookstores have a great selection. If not, find a book on their TBR! Every book lover is thrilled to receive an addition to their collection. For a romance recommendation, pick up anything by Lynn Painter.

7. Perfume/Cologne

Give the gift of smelling great. If the person you’re shopping for loves perfume or cologne, you can’t find a better gift. Just make sure you smell what you’re buying before you purchase it. Seriously, use the tester at the store. You don’t want to just wing it and see if the person likes it.

8. A Star

Okay, this might sound completely cheesy, but you can actually buy a star and have it named after someone. For those who love to look at the stars on a clear night or for those who are interested in astronomy or astrology, it’s the perfect gift. Imagine getting a telescope set up and finding your star. Nothing is quite as romantic.

9. Cold Weather Acessories

Like we said, it’s still winter. Sometimes the best gifts are also practical ones. A cute and comfortable hat, scarf and glove set is perfect for this time of year. Get it in their favorite color too! Help the stay warm and look stylish.

10. Jewelry

While a very typical Valentine’s Day gift, jewelry should be bought only if you know the other person’s taste. When shopping for men, make sure to know if they actually wear jewelry. For women, a great idea is to get something with their birth stone…if they like it of course. Just Google their birthstone and see what options are available. You’re bound to find something pretty and unique.

11. A Day of Relaxation

This is the perfect gift for people always on the go. Give the gift of an entire day with nothing planned. If you’re already married with kids, take the kids out for the day. If not, just ask the person what they want to do and say it’s all about them. Everyone could use some time away from their responsibilities.

12. A Subscription

A subscription can be a lot of fun because the person can get something new every month! There’s also so many possibilities, such as a magazine, streaming service, beauty box, wine club, etc. There’s a subscription for everyone. It’s also customizable based on taste and price point.

13. A Movie Night

A move night in can be just as fun as going out. Order takeout/delivery, get their favorite movie/a movie they want to see and get a cozy place ready to watch. Surprise them by setting up the space with candles, blankets and with their favorite snacks. Bonus points for getting their favorite drink too.

14. Letters to My Love

This is for those who are sentimental and still enjoy writing letters. You can get this gift from Amazon or Barnes & Noble. It’s a small book with different prompts and you write letters to your SO. Then, you specify which dates they should open each letter on. This is really sweet gift idea for couples who have been together for a while. We promise that your SO will cherish these letters.

17 thoughts on “The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Gift Guide”

  1. This year I got my partner a three month subscription to flowers by mail, because they asked for a new vase for Christmas. Thus, it seemed only fitting to follow that up with flowers. The subscription then ends just in time for their birthday

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  2. These are all wonderful suggestions! On Sunday, my partner & I ate dinner at a cafe and saw Death on the Nile. Then on Valentine’s Day my partner had flowers and chocolates delivered to me.

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