10 Wedding Gift Ideas for 2022

Since it’s wedding season now, we figure many people have one coming up in the next few months. Whether you’re creating your wedding registry or deciding what to get the happy couple, we’ve got you covered. Check out our gift picks below!

1. A Honeymoon Fund Contribution

These are becoming more popular, especially for couples who lived together before the wedding. It’s perfect because guests get to know they’re contributing to something special. Couples can even share with guests what they’ll be doing. Guests can help the couple afford a lowkey beach getaway or an adventurous safari retreat. There are no limitations.

2. A KitchenAid Stand Mixer

We know, these can get pricy. But we believe every home cook/baker needs one of these. They’re extremely high quality and can last for decades. And if you can’t afford to get one on your own, most registries allow group gifting so you can split the cost with someone else.

3. An Air Fryer

One awesome thing about air fryers is they come in many different sizes and styles. Most store registries offer these at a reasonable price, and you can’t go wrong with the. From simple recipes to more complex ones, everyone can find something fun to cook in one. You can even get air fryer cookbooks for as low as $10. If you do get the couple one, we recommend homemade mozzarella sticks!

4. Gift Cards

Okay, so another unconventional registry item. Why gift cards? Because the couple can get what they want. Whether it’s a gift card for a nice restaurant, an experience or a fun store, you know it will go to good use. Some people think gift cards are impersonal, but we believe it gives the couple freedom to choose to do or get something amazing.

5. A Bar Cart

Bar carts can be reasonably priced or super luxurious. With many options and styles, there’s bound to be one that fits the couple’s style. It makes a great addition for any living room or family room and it’s ideal for entertaining purposes. It doesn’t matter if the couple are wine connoisseurs or if they prefer nonalcoholic drinks like mocktails, bar carts can be used for any type of drink.

6. A Charcuterie Board

Perfect for a couple who likes to entertain, a charcuterie board can be used for many different food platters. There’s the typical meat and cheese option, but it can be used for dessert, fruit and veggies as well. You also don’t even need to have guests over to use it. It’s perfect for a date night in.

7. Dual Grill and Griddle

If the couple likes to make brunch, a dual grill and griddle is an amazing gift. Not only does it fit on the kitchen counter, but it also allows the cook to make both pancakes and bacon at the same time. Not a big fan of either? There are plenty of other recipes out there that can be made on one of these, including hashbrowns.

8. A Local Experience

We already mentioned all the fun things couples can do on their honeymoon, but how about when they need a date night. Some fun local experiences include a cooking class, a massage, wine tasting, sip and paint or a ropes course.

9. Fine China

Picking out china is a fun part of the registry process. For couples, try to imagine what you’d like to use when hosting a dinner party or a holiday event. A china set is a great gift because you know the couple will use it for entertaining.

10. A Keurig

A Keurig is a kitchen staple for many homes, especially in the morning. But one of the really cool things about a Keurig is that it doesn’t just make coffee, it also makes tea and hot chocolate.

27 thoughts on “10 Wedding Gift Ideas for 2022”

  1. This is such a great list of wedding gift ideas. I like the variety of contributing to a fund and items that anyone would love to have in their home. Thanks for sharing, I’ll be referring back to this for upcoming weddings!

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  2. I don’t go to very many weddings but this will really come in handle next time I need to go to one, I like the first idea the best, then I don’t have to think too hard! LOL 🙂

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  3. I love these ideas! Maybe for the next list you could add an slow-cooker or crock pot. I certainly found it useful to prep ingredients for dinner before I left for work and then come home to a delicious smelling house, dinner, and spouse. Highly recommend.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I would love to get all of these gifts. The one thing I found interesting is that you included China. Within the last month, it occurred to me that I wasn’t sure if people not only registered for China, but used it these days. To see it on your list makes me think that China remains in style.

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  5. These are all amazing ideas and would be more than happy to receive all of them! I always find it’s better to ask or contribute with money instead of buying something the couple might have!

    Liked by 2 people

  6. I just went to my friend’s wedding a few weeks ago & she specifically requested no gifts haha, but these are all great suggestions! I definitely agree gift cards are nice because the recipients can choose what they want

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