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10 Signs They Like You as More Than a Friend

From your first crush all the way to adulthood, it can be hard to tell whether the person you’re thinking about likes you back. Asking directly might cause problems or seem intimating, making it easier to analyze their signals before letting the person know how you feel.

While we can’t guarantee the object of your affection is in love with you, these signs make it pretty obvious that your feelings are reciprocated. Remember to try to stay objective. You can even ask a friend whether you think any of these signs describe the person in question.

1. They Mimic Your Body Language

You can tell a lot about someone based on their body language and simple observations. A lot of the time when someone likes you, they will mimic body language. For example, they cross their legs after you do, sit in the same way or follow your hand movements. Mimicking can actually by a clear sign of trust and that you put the other person at ease.

Other body language signs are direct eye contact and leaning toward you a lot. And if they are more obvious, they might find small excuses to touch you. Pay attention to their body language next time you see them to see if they showcase any of these behaviors.

2. They Single You Out in a Group

If you’re in a group setting, this person will spend more time with you than anyone else. No matter how many people are around, they will make an effort to talk to you and get to know you better. Next time you’re in a group setting, see how long you’re able to capture their attention. The more they like you, the more time they will try to spend with you.

However, if the person is an introvert, they might get tired by being in group settings. If they do act distant, make sure it’s because of that and not because they want to avoid you. You can even suggest getting away from the group and going for walk.

3. They Initiate Conversations

You shouldn’t always be the first person to start a conversation. Whether it’s texting, callings, DMs or in person, they will find a way to interact with you more. They will also try to sustain conversations with you as long as they can, even if they have nothing more to say.

Pay attention to who typically initiates the conversation on a day-to-day basis and make sure it’s fairly even. After all, if it’s always them, they might assume that you’re not interested.

4. You Make Them Blush

Have you ever seen them blush or get bashful when you give them a compliment? If you’ve never noticed, next time you see them, give them a compliment and pay attention to their reaction. You may even get a compliment back!

Compliments can always be a good way to start a flirty conversation. Depending on how they respond, it’s a good opportunity to test out chemistry. Do it in a fun and playful way and see where the conversation goes.

5. They Pay Attention

A person who likes you will notice to little details. You might even be surprised that they remembered what you wore to that party last month or that they asked you how your friend was doing because you mentioned they went through a nasty break up. You pay attention to the people you like.

You also take into account what they like. For example, they might remember that you’re a huge New England Patriots fan and make an effort to watch a game so you two have something to talk about.

6. They Want to Impress You

Obviously, when you like someone, you want someone to think highly of you. You probably hope your crush finds you attractive, fun, intelligent and a lot of other good adjectives. In an episode of Gilmore Girls, Luke Danes listens to a self-help tape about finding love. The man on the tape asked Luke who he wants to be around when something good happens and who the first person he wants to share something with is. Both answers showcased that he loved Lorelei Gilmore. So not only do they want you to think highly of them, but you’re also the first person they want to share good news with.

However, this can also get annoying if the person goes too far with trying to be impressive. You want to paint yourself in a good light, without sounding like a narcissist. Hopefully the person you like does this in good way and isn’t constantly bragging about how amazing they think they are.

7. They Find Reasons to Spend Time with You

The fact is that someone who likes you will make an effort to spend time with you. We mentioned in a group setting, but this person should also try to get you alone. That doesn’t mean they had to ask you out already. They might test the waters by inviting you to a casual hangout or activity.

If you want to test the waters, invite them to something that’s no pressure and is based on their interests. A concert, an amusement park or a festival could be good. That way, if things don’t go well, you have something to do besides just talking.

8. They Open Up to You

If they can open up to you, it means they feel comfortable around you. Feeling safe around someone is a key indicator of attraction. If they really start to feel something for you, the surface-level conversations should become fewer and farther between. If they can tell you about some of the harder things that they’ve faced, it’s a good sign. Whether it’s a terrible memory or a bigger picture of their mental health, listen and stay attentive. The way you respond will tell a lot about you.

9. They Try to Look Attractive Around You

Have you ever seen them groom themselves around you or make extra effort on their appearance? They might run their hands through their hair in attempt to make sure it looks better, or they must adjust their clothes.

Another indicator is how they dress around you. Have you ever given a compliment about the way they dress or the colors they look best in? Have they followed that advice? They might also try to dress to impress, meaning they might take extra time getting ready before seeing you or even show up to an event overdressed.

Test it out by completing them on their appearance the next time you see them. Check for their reaction!

10. They’re Flirty Around You and Not Other People

This one can be tricky because you don’t always know how this person acts when you aren’t around. But your friends might have some insight on how they act when you aren’t around. They might simply be a flirty person in general, so that should be observed. If they don’t flirt with any other people except you, they probably like you but haven’t felt ready to make a move yet.

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  1. What a fun post! I would agree with all you said, although I don’t think I’ve ever made anyone blush! Thanks for sharing.

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