Fun Ways to Spend the Fourth of July 

Happy 4th of July weekend everyone! If you plan on celebrating, let us know your fun plans. If not, check some of our fun ideas for having a great time. Whether you want to keep busy or chill, there’s something for everyone. If you’re not American, that’s okay, tell us how you plan to spend your first few days of July.

1. Host a BBQ

BBQs can be a huge block party or a simple backyard party with a few close friends. Either way, grilling burgers and hotdogs is very 4th of July. Make it potluck and have every guest bring a side dish or drink option. Nothing says holiday weekend more than enjoying the warm weather with your favorite people.

2. Take a Sip and Paint Class

If you prefer being inside instead of outside, a lot of sip and paint places offer special paintings of fireworks over local scenery for the holiday. Learn how to do something fun, grab some wine or snacks and find a place to hang your masterpiece.

3. Watch Fireworks

Now, this is pretty stereotypical and for a good reason. Fireworks glow bright against the night sky in different shapes and colors. You can choose to watch from your TV or go in person. There are plenty of options, from big city shows to small town fun.

4. Attend a Baseball Game

Take me out to the ball game, take me out to the crowd. Go see your favorite MLB team or a minor league game. Either way, grab some ballpark food and get ready to cheer. P.S. Go Red Sox!!!

5. Go Swimming

Swimming is the best summer activity in our opinion. Hit the beach shores, drive to secluded lake or hop in a refreshing pool. Don’t forget to get an ice cream and slather on the SPF.

6. Visit an Amusement Park

We’re big amusement park fans and have done big parks like Six Flags, to small ones like Canobie Lake Park. Parks have specials events during the holiday weekend. But be warned, crowds can be a problem

7. Have a Relaxation Day

It’s a three-day weekend, why not spend it relaxing instead of planning something. Especially if you’re worn out. Enjoy the sunshine, grab a book, watch a movie or just do something chill at home.

8. Go Hiking

If you want a secluded day away from the hustle and bustle, escape the festivities and go for a hike. Grab your significant other or a group of friends and break a sweat. Picturesque nature can rival the beauty of a fireworks display.

9. Attend a Parade

From downtown to the cute small towns, it’s impossible not to find a parade this coming weekend. If you missed being around people, enjoy the energy of a big event and wear some red, white and blue.

10. Find a Place to go Berry Picking

For those who want to make a berry themed dessert, finding a farm to go berry picking is a fun way spend the holiday weekend. It’s also a really cute place to pictures with a significant other. Grab a bunch of fresh fruit and eat it whole or in pie form.

18 thoughts on “Fun Ways to Spend the Fourth of July ”

    1. We agree with you that we’re devastated about Roe v. Wade and we chose to have a more low-key 4th of July. However, you can celebrate while still being angry. You celebrate the fellow Americans fighting for freedom and equality, while voting/taking action against Republicans.


  1. These are some really great suggestions! I love going to amusement parks and swimming over the summer. I’m not American but my first few days of July will be spent relaxing after some very intense exams. Thank you so much for sharing!

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  2. These are great ideas! This year was the first time in a long time I’ve been back in the US for the 4th of July. On the 2nd I went to a rodeo with my parents (they also had fireworks at the end) and my dad bought some fireworks as well.


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