Chren’s Big Life Update

Hello readers, happy Tuesday! Something big and amazing happened over the weekend. We’re so excited to share with you some big news.

We mentioned in our Get to Know Chren post months ago that we are long distance best friends and have been for the entirety of our nine-year friendship. While we managed to stay close by talking every day, we always wished we had more time together. Every goodbye was sad and dramatic. Except, now we don’t have to say goodbye.

The Exciting News!

We moved in together on Saturday! That’s right, on Saturday we moved into a townhouse together and we couldn’t be happier. While it’s been crazy unpacking and getting into a new routine, we’ve already started our Chren adventures. In fact, we even have a road trip planned for this weekend.

Right now, our place is full of color, world maps and scented candles. We’ve talked about moving in together for many years and this summer ended up being the right time for both of us. It gives us a chance to embrace new opportunities and focus on what we want out of life.

According to Chren

The best part of our new living situation is that we’re pushing each other to write more, both separately and together. It gives us a chance to focus more on Johan’s story in The Misadventures of Johan O’Malley and also make our blog content even better.

We’re planning some great articles talking about everything from relationships, to moving advice, to fun things to do in autumn. We’re even working on some articles about making the most of your 20s and what we want to do before hitting the big 30. However, we’re always open to ideas as well. Feel free to leave a comment if you have a suggestion for a topic we should cover. Or if you need advice, check out our Ask Chren page.

Thank you to everyone who has read our blog over the past eight months. We can’t wait for it to be bigger and better!


Chren (Christy & Ben)

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