How to Get Your Home Ready for Fall

We’re only a few days away from fall, which means it’s time to start decorating! One of our goals this week is to start getting our home ready for the new season. We’ve provided some tips for how to make your place perfect for fall. Have you started decorating yet? Let us know in the comments.

1. Light Scented Candles 

We have scented candles all over our place and recently got two new scents: fresh apple and prosecco. When you’re at home relaxing, candles provide a warm ambience and a great scent. Stock up on fall scents to make your home even cozier.

2. Get Out Cozy Pillows and Blankets 

Layer on the pillows and blankets in the living room. We received a cute pumpkin throw pillow as a housewarming gift and already have multiple blankets on our couches. Places from craft stores to home goods stores have Halloween and fall themed pillows and blankets to go with any space. It really adds to the decor.

3. Buy Pumpkins and Gourds

While don’t get your carving pumpkin until it’s closer to Halloween, it’s a great time to buy small pumpkins and gourds to decorate with. We bought our first small pumpkin for the mantle this week and can’t wait to get more when we visit a local farm. You can even keep up the pumpkin and gourds through Thanksgiving.

4. Decorate with Either a Cute Fall or Spooky Halloween Aesthetic 

There are many ways to go this time of year. If you’re a Halloween lover, then get your house to look as spooky as possible. If you’re not into fright, think of fall foliage and cozy cottage vibes. You can even find inspiration online or through magazines.

5. Put Away Summer Decor

It’s time to pack up everything with summer vibes, including the fruit-shaped fruit bowls, bright colored tablecloths and everything else that screams outdoor BBQ/picnic. While we’re sad to say bye to summer and swimming season, we’re always excited when we get to decorate again.

6. Plant Fall Flowers

If you are lucky enough to have a garden, get flowers that are in season, such as mums. if you’re like us and don’t have room for flowers, decorate your table with a vase full of seasonal flowers or hang a plant on your balcony.

7. Bake a Treat

Nothing beats the smell of freshly baked treats. We’ve found some amazing ideas on Pinterest for what to bake this season, including caramel apple cupcakes and Jack Skellington sugar cookies. Some of our other favorites are pasteis de natas and peanut butter cookies.

8. Hang a Wreath 

An easy way to make your home fall ready is to hang a wreath on the front door. It shows your neighbors that you’re ready for the new season and that you have great taste. It’s also a fun way to incorporate fall colors.

9. Change Up the Color Scheme 

Fall is all about the reds and oranges, coupled with neutrals. And Halloween is all about orange, black, purple and green. Find the color scheme that works best for you and the vibe you’re going for. We haven’t fully decided yet what ours will be, but we’ll let you know once we make a choice.

10. Create a Reading Corner 

Fall is also a really great time for reading. If you’re like us, you spend September-November reading mystery, thriller and horror novels. Find a comfy chair, have great lighting, place it near a window and get your favorite pillow and blanket. Bonus points if you have an end table next to it to place a beverage and a scented candle.

11. Use Fall Themed Tablecloths, Plates and Mugs 

At the grocery store this week we bought a pumpkin mug for our fall beverages. We can’t wait to use it for hot chocolate and apple cider. We’re looking to get fall leave print tablecloth soon too, which is perfect for entertaining guests. If you’re throwing a party, stock up on fall themed dishes too.

12. Relax and Enjoy the Season 

The best ways to enjoy your fall ready home is to sit back and relax. Pop in a movie or read a good book. Whatever you decide to do, carve out some time for yourself to unwind. Happy fall everyone!!

25 thoughts on “How to Get Your Home Ready for Fall”

  1. These are fantastic ideas for decorating and making your home cozy for the fall. I just bought a ton of bats to put on the wall, and I also have some Halloween and fall-themed prints to hang up. I also need to bring out my blankets for the couch!

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  2. My niece is really good at doing stuff like this. I’m not the decorating time. I do enjoy fall weather, reading under a blanket, or sipping hot cocoa or herbal tea, though. That’s how I roll this time of year. 😀 Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. 😍 These are all great ways to get ready for Autumn! I love baking in Autumn, especially cookies or the smell of homemade bread. A reading corner sounds like perfection, as I love cocooning in a blanket with a good book while it rains.

    Thank you for sharing. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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