15 Fun Autumn Date Ideas

Long summer nights are over, now replaced with chillier weather and darker evenings. Even if you no longer can eat dinner outside or go swimming, there are plenty of ideas to make fall dates special. In fact, October is a great month for creative dates because there are certain activities you can only do this time of year. Put on your favorite sweater and embrace seasonal dates.

1. Visit a Brewery or Bier Hall

Even though the real Oktoberfest is in September, a lot of breweries and bier halls in the United States celebrate in October. Find some place local with special in-season brews. It’s a great casual date night for people to just getting to know each other. Or it can be a way for busy couples to relax and catch up.

2. Dinner and a Movie at Home

There’s something romantic about cooking together and then enjoying the food while watching a movie. It’s a simple and fun date night and an excuse to cook something seasonal, like apple chicken, pot roast or chili. Bonus points if you also enjoy apple cider with the meal.

3. A Local Restaurant’s Oktoberfest Menu

We already mentioned that Oktoberfest has passed, but not at a lot of restaurants. From formal restaurants to casual places, we’ve seen more places in recent years offer special seasonal meals. We love seeing the seasonal cuisine on menus and it’s a great way to shake up a typical dinner date by trying something new.

4. A Haunted House/Fright Fest

If you’re a couple that loves Halloween, doing something spooky together is a great idea. Hold hands as you explore a haunted house or other type of fright festival. These events are easy to find. A quick Goggle search can help you find all the events in your area and filter based on how scary they are or their theme. If you do get scared, let your date comfort you after.

5. Apple Picking and Cider Tasting

Nothing says fall quite like apples. Apple picking is a great activity for an age. Go to a local orchard and spend a day finding your favorite apples. After you have a bag full, see if the orchard has apple cider or hard cider tastings. One of our favorite places is Bold Rock in Virginia, where we had a chance to taste their seasonal Honeycrisp cider.

6.  Go for a Hike and Bring a Picnic

For the outdoorsy couple, enjoying fall weather is a must. If you don’t mind eating outside after exploring scenes in nature, bring a basket with some yummy treats. You can go as simple as sandwiches or choose to be a bit fancier and bring a quiche and some sparkling cider. There are plenty of possibilities.

7. Attend a Fall Festival

Fall festivals are perfect for couples who have been together for a while and for first dates. For couples, it’s a way to do a lot of seasonal cute activities, like going on a hayride, picking out your pumpkin and navigating a corn maze. For first dates, there are activities to do together if the conversation lags or to fill the silence when you get nervous. There are also plenty of opportunities to sit down and talk, maybe over a cider donut. It’s fun to see what kind of person your date is and if they tend to be on the more adventurous side.

8. Carve Pumpkins

Go outside, light a candle and play some seasonal music. Carving pumpkins is a great way to see each other’s creative sides. From classic jack o’ lanterns to fancy scenes, there are so many fun ideas for pumpkins. Be in the moment and use it as a fun way to get ready for Halloween.

9. Go Stargazing

For the astronomy buff and the romantic, stargazing is a great idea. For people like us who live in a major metropolitan area, it’s an excuse to get out of the city and away from light pollution. Bring a warm blanket and a hot drink, while learning about the universe. See what constellations you can find and if you can spot your zodiac sign in the sky. There’s something romantic about a night under the glittering stars.

10. Find a Cute Coffee Shop

On days where the weather isn’t great, find a coffee shop to hang out in. And if you’re a coffee enthusiast, try coffee shop hopping while looking for the best cup in your area. There are a lot of great conversations to have in a coffee shop, including ones focusing on literature, art and culture.

11. Go on a Fall Foliage Drive

It’s officially peak foliage time in parts of the northeast, with places in the Midatlantic reaching peak in the next couple of weeks. Looks some beautiful places close by that are perfect for seeing the leaves, like parks or near bodies of water. If you’re near a beautiful place to drive, like the mountains, plan a road trip and stop to take pictures.

12. Plan a Game Night with Other Couples

Game nights are fun way to stay in in the fall. Plan out a few different games for other couples and make a larger charcuterie board to keep everyone fed. It’s fun way to stay in and be casual, while creating some memories with amazing people. If you’re a Cards Against Humanity player, they have a new scary packet to embrace Halloween.

13. Make S’mores at a Bonfire 

Stay warm one evening with a bonfire. Whether you have a fire pit, or attend an event with one, make some s’mores with your date. You’ll learn a lot about them, like whether they burn the marshmallows or only lightly toast them. If you’re feeling daring, tell some scary stories around the fire.

14. Attend a Sporting Event

It’s the perfect month for sports fans! It’s the MLB postseason, the NBA is getting ready to start the regular season and we just finished week five for the NFL. Attending a sporting event and cheering for our favorite team is a great way to come together. Wear your team’s gear and take some cute photos. Don’t forget to grab a souvenir to remember the day.

15. Pick Out a Couple’s Costume

Going to a Halloween store and trying on costumes together is such a fun October date. There are so many ideas, from classics to silly puns to spooky frights. Decide on a vibe and where you plan on wearing the costumes. Even if you don’t have a party planned, it’s even fun to dress up to pass out candy on Halloween night.

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