The Fall Bucket List Book Tag

It’s almost Halloween! As you all know, we love this time over year. We especially love autumn reading. Thank you to Rocking Specter for tagging us. We were so excited to participate in our first book tag and we’re even happier that it’s fall themed.

The Rules

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  • Tag seven other people at the end of your post, and let them know you’ve tagged them

It’s been a while since we’ve read On the Fence by Kasie West. It’s a fun, cute, light read with a friends to lovers trope. We love that Charlie is an athletic MC and through one crazy summer, starts to find herself. With the help of Braden of course!

The Brothers Hawthorne already has so much hype surrounding it. Jennifer Lynn Barnes gave us a really great trilogy and now she needs to follow it with an equally as great spin-off about Grayson and Jameson. We need to know what happens next.

Hot British Boyfriend isn’t super well known, but we really enjoyed it. We read Kristy Boyce’s debut in an afternoon and found ourselves more drawn to the friend group than the romantic plot. Going to England opened up this MC’s world and allowed her to be herself.

Love & Gelato is so sweet, just like a big scoop of gelato. We’ve read this book multiple times and will continue reading it for its scenery, relationships and engaging plot. BRB, we’re currently looking up flights to Florence.

Benny, the male protagonist in Love from Scratch, is a super talented chef. Not only is Kaitlyn Hill’s debut book swoonworthy, but it also made us hungry. Why isn’t According to Chren’s Ben a super talented chef? Kidding, he’s always helpful in the kitchen.

So, this pick may surprise a lot of people. A fun fact about us is that we’ve read every Diary of a Wimpy Kid book. And we like to act them out together. Yes, we are adults and no, we don’t care if it sounds strange. In fact, we just found out that our copy of the latest book, Diper Overlode, is on its way.

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