The Best Thanksgiving TV Specials

Happy almost Thanksgiving everyone. While there aren’t as many specials as there are for Halloween and Christmas, these Thanksgiving TV episodes don’t disappoint. We can’t wait to get ready for Thanksgiving by watching some of our favorite shows. Which Thanksgiving specials are your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

1. Charlie Brown

The Peanut’s celebrate Thanksgiving together in this fun holiday special. Even Snoopy, who prepares a great feast for the group.

2. Friends

Friends chose to have a Thanksgiving episode every season, which are mostly amazing. We highly recommend watching all ten in order of release. Although our favorite one is season three’s episode, when the group plays football together. Grab some Turkey and get ready to laugh.

3. The Middle

The Middle also as a Thanksgiving episode every season, which means nine episodes total. All of the family hijinks make these episodes relatable, especially for those families who reveal big secrets on the holiday. The Hecks try to have the perfect dinner every year…it just never works out for them.

4. Gossip Girl

If you want Thanksgiving drama and intrigue, watch Gossip Girl’s multiple Thanksgiving episodes. We pretty much just watch the Thanksgiving episodes for seasons one through three. Those three episodes are crazy, but they’re also heartwarming. Season one’s episode is definitely number one though, when Serena, Nate, Dan and Blair have to deal with changing dynamics with their families.

5. How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother doesn’t have a Thanksgiving episode every season, but that doesn’t make them any less special. Especially if you’re in the mood to slap Barney Stinson. This group has some hilarious Thanksgivings as a group, which will make you want to grab your friends for a holiday celebration.

6. Single Parents

In season two, everyone gathers at Douglas’s house while Will cooks a Thanksgiving feast. One of the best aspects of this show are the friendship between the parents and the kids. Everyone has a distinct personality, making the show enjoyable.

7. Home Economics

Siblings Tom, Connor and Sarah want to prove that they can host a spectacular Thanksgiving on their own. But Thanksgiving is never easy when it comes to family. Can this family pull off a memorable holiday celebration?

8. Gilmore Girls

The one and only Thanksgiving episode is in season three, aka A Deep-Fried Korean Thanksgiving. Lorelai and Rory have to make it through four Thanksgiving meals: with the Kim’s, at Sookie’s, at Luke’s Diner and with the grandparents. Can these two ladies really eat this much food and get home after this crazy day?

9. Animaniacs

Our favorite throwback episode is from the animaniacs! If you haven’t seen his kids show from the 1990s, you’re seriously missing out. It’s hilarious, creative and witty. It even has some adult humor that your children won’t understand.

10. The Loud House

Throwing a Thanksgiving dinner with a big family can be hard. But what happens when Lori, the oldest Loud sibling, considers spending the holiday with her boyfriend’s family? Total chaos and competition. At least it’s out of love.

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