Planning the Perfect Thanksgiving

We’re so excited for Thanksgiving this year! It’s one of the most fun holidays to celebrate with those who mean a lot to you. Everything from watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, to eating dinner, to cheering for your favorite football team, makes the day so special. We’re providing tips to make it the perfect holiday and avoid awkward moments.

1. Divide Labor in Advance

One potential point of contention is the division of labor. Figure out in advance who will cook, who will decorate and set the table and who will be on the cleanup committee. Making everything fair and equitable is essential to a fun day.

2. Plan the Menu

The first step is knowing how many guests to expect and then making sure to have enough food for everyone and for leftovers. Also, if you’re the one hosting, make sure you know what people love to eat and drink. If you’re the guest, answer any questions that come your way promptly and offer to bring a dish or a nice bottle of wine. Also, account for food allergies.

3. Have Thanksgiving Decor

Making the house look festive is a big part of the fun. Pumpkins are easy and cheap to decorate with, especially if you have some leftover from Halloween. Other ideas are gourds, colorful leave garlands and a festive tablecloth.

4. Schedule the Day

If you’re one of the ones cooking, make sure to schedule everything in advance, especially if there is only one oven. If you’re a guest, make sure to show up on time. Thanksgiving goes better when everyone works together…besides, people get cranky when they have to wait for food.

5. Wake Up and Watch the Macy’s Parade

One of the best traditions we have is waking up, grabbing a cup of coffee and watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade. There’s just something so special about it and makes us feel like kids again. While we usually start cooking during the parade, we love to keep it on in the background.

6. Drink Caffeine

Thanksgiving is tiring for everyone. Start the day off right with a caffeinated beverage. You’re going to want to stay alert for many hours during the day.

7. Don’t Talk About Touchy Subjects

The main rule is knowing your audience. We can’t tell you what counts as touchy subjects for you and your group, but make sure to be self-aware. Everyone wants the day to be fun and drama-free, so make sure everyone is on their best behavior. If someone does try to bring up a touchy subject, switch course quickly. Hey, did anyone watch the game? Or what is everyone’s favorite holiday memory? No need for awkward surprises.

8. Say What You’re Thankful For

The irony of Thanksgiving happening right before a day of consumerism. Instead of focusing on sales, spend the day being grateful for what you have. Even start dinner by having everyone say what they’re thankful for or their best memory from the year so far.

9. Enjoy the Meal and Thank the Host/Hostess

Unless you’re the host or hostess, of course. Then you should pat yourself on the back. If you’re a guest, recognize how much work the holiday is by saying thank you and how much the invitation meant to you. Thanks goes a long way!

10. Relax in Front of the TV

Our previous blog post can provide inspiration if you don’t know which Thanksgiving TV special to watch. But when there is down time, watch something that reflects the current holiday. We usually watch the Friends episodes on Thanksgiving Day!

11. Eat Leftovers and Watch Football

Typically, we eat the Thanksgiving meal around 1:00 pm and have dessert between 4:00 and 5:00 pm. By the time Thursday night football rolls around, it’s time for seconds. This year is even more special because the Patriots are playing the primetime game. It means that we are going to park ourselves on the couch with our favorite foods and watch an awesome game.

28 thoughts on “Planning the Perfect Thanksgiving”

  1. I absolutely love Thanksgiving! It reminds us to be grateful for what we have. These are some great tips, especially drinking caffeine cause we definitely want to feel refreshed. Thank you for sharing.

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  2. These are great tips for planning the perfect Thanksgiving! I have so many good memories of celebrating Thanksgiving with my family in the US, but sadly, there is no holiday similar to Thanksgiving in Denmark. However, I still make a Thanksgiving dinner for my partner and our daughter. I also wonder if you can stream the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade somewhere.

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  3. Living in England, we don’t have Thanksgiving Day but I love to see and hear about how my fellow bloggers from across the pond spend this day. It sounds like a wonderful occasion and your itinerary is filled with such amazing things xxx


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