The Best Winter Date Ideas 

It’s officially winter! The weather is chillier and most people spend less and less time outside. So, how do you have a special date with your significant other when the weather outside is frightful? We’ve got you covered. Winter is about to become a lot more fun and romantic.

1. Ice Skating

If you want to embrace winter, the most romantic outdoor date is ice skating. Most outdoor rinks look picturesque at night with strings of lights decorating the space. Hold hands while you skate the night away and after, warm up with a hot chocolate at a local coffee shop. Nothing says winter like ice skating.

2. Sledding

Embrace your inner child, grab a sled and look for a hill. Sledding doesn’t only have to be for the young people in your life. It is a fun and active day date idea for those who live in snowy areas. Spend the day laughing and goofing around at the best local sledding spot. You can even turn it into a competition: whoever gets down the hill first picks what to have for dinner.

3. Build a Blanket Fort

Stay cozy indoors by building a blanket fort, putting on a movie and enjoying a romantic dinner. Turn your living room into a new experience. Find the perfect movie and watch from inside your masterpiece. So you can focus on the blanket fort building, have dinner delivered. Don’t forget a bottle of wine!

4. Go to the Theatre

A nice way to get out is to see a show this winter. Even if you’re not in a big city, research local theatres. If you’re lucky enough to live close to major theatre hubs, you’re going to have plenty of options. Choose from a play, musical, opera or ballet. There’s bound to be something for every personality. Our recommendations: Book of Mormon for something funny, Almost Maine for winter themed and Les Misérables for music lovers.

5. Restaurant Hopping

Restaurant hopping is a great way to stay cozy and to keep date night fresh. Go for drinks, appetizers, entrees and dessert, but all at different restaurants. Start out with a cocktail and amuse bouche at the first place. Then, find a place with yummy appetizers that you can split. After you’ve had time to relax, pick the right spot for a nice dinner. Finally, as it’s getting late, stop by a place just to have a decadent dessert. It’s the best way to try multiple new restaurants in the same night.

6. Visit a Distillery

There’s no better way to stay warm than to try craft cocktails made locally. First of all, it’s great to support local businesses, Second, it’s a relaxing date idea where you can spend time talking, while trying something new. This is something we tried recently, and we had to say the caramel apple cocktail made with on-site vodka tasted amazing. If you’re adventurous, distilleries have more creative options.

7. Take a Class

The new year is the perfect time to learn a new skill. Sign up for a cooking class for something interactive and tasty. One of our personal favorite ideas are sip and paint classes. Painting is a great way to destress and you don’t even have to be artistic. The instructor takes the class step by step. Another way to stay active is through a dance class. We’ve always talked about taking salsa lessons, but there so many styles of dance to choose from.

If you and your significant other are thinking something long term instead of a single class, try learning a new language together. It’s something perfect for couples because you can practice together and you can use it as an excuse to plan a trip to another country.

8. Stay at a Ski Resort

Ski resorts are perfect for planning a romantic winter couple’s weekend. Everything from skiing and snowboarding, to lounging is fair game. For the more active and athletic couples, spend the entire weekend on the slopes. For the couple who needs a relaxating weekend, pick a resort with a hot tub, great restaurants and other amenities.

9. Go to the Spa

After the holiday season, it’s time to destress. Couples can book treatments together, such as massages and facials. Spas also give couples the opportunity to utilize saunas and steam rooms. Pamper yourself this winter because you deserve it.

10. Do a Polar Bear Plunge

Want to enjoy the chilly weather and earn money for charity? Take a risk together and plunge into the freezing-cold water. There are plenty of plunges that take place in January and February. They also range from occurring in lakes or in the ocean. We’re considering doing one in 2023 at one of our favorite beaches. Hold hands and take in the chill together. After, find a place to warm up and treat yourself to brunch. Usually plunges take place in the morning.

11. Have a Fondue Night at Home

One of the best investments for the home kitchen is a fondue pot. Pretend you’re at a romantic spot in the Swiss Alps and make it a date night. Start with the cheese course and then move on to the chocolate. Turn the planning into an event as well. Go to a grocery store to find the best dippers for the cheese and chocolate. To set the mood, decorate the table in a wintry theme and light a candle.

12. Make Plans for the New Year

Spend time with your significant other discussing what you want out of the new year. Bring up your goals, resolutions and trip ideas. There’s nothing better than being on the same page about the new year. It’s a time for you both to reflect on your lives and decide what would make you the happiest for the upcoming year. For us, that means planning blog content, but it also means scheduling time to go on adventures.

20 thoughts on “The Best Winter Date Ideas ”

  1. Oh, these are some great ideas! Love a good blanket fort! Restaurant hopping sounds tons of fun (though also probably lots of reservations and planning XD). Oh, and fondue! Yes!
    So jealous of those who can sled, or go to ski resorts (we only have fake indoor stuff).
    Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Winter is actually my favorite Holiday- I love some of those activities

    1. Going to the Theatre (musicals in particular)
    2. Sledding- only problem is it barley snows where I live
    3. Blanket Fort- the best alternative is snuggling up in a blanket (that is always fun)

    Liked by 1 person

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