9 Items You Should Be Buying Used

In recent years, second-hand shopping has increased in popularity. Buying items used serves two purposes: sustainability and saving money. When it comes to sustainability, more people than ever are donating unwanted items instead of throwing them away. This minimizes waste, while also giving vintage and secondhand shoppers more inventory to choose from.

As for saving money, shoppers have plenty of options to find cheaper alternatives than going to the local mall. There are second-hand stores for everything, including high-end items and furniture. Secondhand shopping is great for the environment, but also great for the budget, especially for items that you know won’t last forever.

Shoppers can take advantage of local thrift stores or look for used items online. Places liked Poshmark, Ebay and even Amazon allow you to see the quality of an item before making the purchase. Just make sure to check the return policy.

Since shopping secondhand is more convenient than ever and there are great reasons to start doing it, we feel there are certain items that should be purchased used. Keep reading to see the items we chose and why we feel you should consider getting them secondhand.

1. Designer Purses

Designer purses can be very expensive when purchased new, unless you find an incredible sale. Why not buy them at a discount from a reputable reseller? We do recommend buying designer purses in person instead of online so you can check the condition of the bag and make sure it isn’t a knockoff. We trust physical stores more.

Vintage boutiques have everything from high-end designers like Chanel, to more affordable brands such as Kate Spade and Michael Kors. Feel good about getting a fashionable new accessory at an unbeatable price. It’s easy to search stores that sell designer bags used online. If you live near a big city, you’re even more likely to get great inventory.

2. Clothing for Babies and Young Children

Anyone can buy secondhand clothing and we highly recommend it. However, we especially recommend it for babies and younger children. Why? Because babies and young children grow out of clothing so quickly. Most pre-owned clothing for young children hasn’t been used much and they are a much better price.

Don’t invest in super high quality or fancy clothing until your child isn’t growing as much. It’s great to be able to find clothing that you know you’re going to have for a limited amount of time. And if it’s still in good condition, re-donate. Or if you know anyone else having kids, they’d probably appreciate the hand-me-downs.

3. Musical Instruments

If you’re thinking about taking up an instrument or your kid is, you don’t know how much effort you’re/they’re going to put into it. That’s a good enough reason to buy something used. Also, musical instruments are generally very expensive, especially guitars and drums. Unless you’re planning to make music a career, you probably don’t need something new and high-end.

4. Holiday Decor

Seasonal decorations only get taken out of storage for a short time each year, so don’t break the bank on them. It’s so nice to have festive homes during autumn and during the holiday season. It shouldn’t be too hard to find decor used though.

The best time to strike is right after the holiday that just occurred. For example, buy Halloween decorations in early November. Even if you can’t use them for a while, you can’t beat the price. You can find used decorations at larger thrift stores. We’ve noticed that people tend to thrift these items when they’re moving in order to declutter.

5. College Textbooks

Unless the textbook can serve as a reference book throughout your career, you don’t need to buy it new. Textbooks aren’t cheap and they only last the length of a course, so they aren’t a good investment. Why buy something that costs a lot of money that can only be used for a semester?

If you don’t want to rent a textbook, buy it used. The only downside is there may already be writing and highlighting in it. If this doesn’t bother you, buy textbooks used from places like Amazon. Then keep it in good shape and resell it on campus after you’re done with it. You could even make a profit.

6. Movies

Since most people prefer streaming services and don’t keep a ton of DVDs, it’s the perfect item to buy them used. When people move, they unload things like old DVDs at consignment shops or secondhand stores like 2nd and Charles. They’re also dirt cheap.

A few bucks can buy you some of your favorite movies. Or a season of your favorite TV show. Surprisingly, these DVDs can be an investment item. Sometimes if the movies aren’t being sold new still, you can resell the used DVD on Amazon for a profit.

7. Tools

If you aren’t DIY royalty and you can’t see yourself becoming a professional handyman, you probably need a minimal number of tools and they don’t need to be high-end from stores like Home Depot or Lowes. Just find the necessary items at thrift shops. Seriously, how much do you really need beyond a hammer, screwdrivers and plunger? We admit we’re not fix-it people.

8. Home Decor

Decorate your home with vintage and secondhand items. Home decorations found secondhand tend to be unique and can give your home a fun twist. It’s also an inexpensive way to give your place a makeover, without spending thousands on new high-end furniture and accessories.

If you can afford a full home makeover or are limited with your apartment, a few vintage items can give the place a new feel. A fun mirror can make a room look bigger, while also adding some texture to the room. A cute end table can bring a room together and it’s practical to have. You don’t have to do something drastic to make your home look fantastic.

9. Toys

Children tend to outgrow toys quickly. There tastes and opinions change as they get older. Instead of throwing them out, we hope parents are donating unwanted items. This is great news for shoppers, who can get some unbeatable deals on toys for their children without having to spend a fortune.

Just make sure to bring things like batteries with you while shopping. The worst-case scenario is going home and presenting your child with a toy and then having them find out it doesn’t work. Also, check to make sure the toy isn’t damaged at all. Avoid the tears and be prepared!

14 thoughts on “9 Items You Should Be Buying Used”

  1. Great tips and I agree with them all! I bought my college textbooks used whenever I could. I don’t buy books to read despite being an avid reader – its the library for me when I don’t get a publisher’s copy. If I receive a hard copy of a book, I pass it on to friends, family or my local LFL!

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  2. This is a great list of items to buy used! When I was in college, I always rented my textbooks and if that wasn’t possible, I bought them used because they are so expensive to purchase them new! I also completely agree with buying kids’ clothes used because they only wear the clothes for such a short time before the clothes become too small.


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