14 Unique Ways to Spend Valentine’s Day

Do you want to have an amazing Valentine’s Day, but you’re not sure what to do? Look no further. We created a list of 14 unique things to do to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year. Keep it creative and do something different this holiday.

This post is all about finding a unique and fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

1. In a Foreign Country

February is not a common travel month, especially if you’re American or Candian and planning a trip to Europe. This makes it a great time though, if you don’t mind the chilly weather. Prices are so much lower than the summer peaks and you won’t be concerned about overcrowding.

Take a look at a location on your list and see if it’s feasible. You could spend your Valentine’s Day under the Eiffel Tower, on a Gondola or in a quaint cafe. There are plenty of options and a winter getaway can be very romantic. Besides, there are locations for if you need to warm up a bit, like someplace tropical. Or if you embrace the chill, think about going north for a snowy weekend.

2. At a Spa

Make it a fun weekend getaway all about getting pampered. Couple’s massages? Of course! Also consider the other treatments offered, like wraps, facials and mani-pedis. There’s nothing more romantic than spending time together focusing on your wellbeing.

Most spa resorts also have nice restaurants. After a day of pampering, go to a fancy dinner all dressed up. You’re finally going to have the time to have a leisurely meal and talk uninterrupted all evening.

3. Throw a Couple’s Party

Who says you have to spend the holiday just as a couple? Invite all of your couple friends over for a love-themed party. Have everyone bring a food item or a drink and plan some games to play. You can even have a contest: which couple knows each other best.

This perfect for couples with other couples’ friends, who you may not get to see as often as you’d like. Turn it into a party. Don’t forget to make the playlist, with both upbeat and romantic songs.

4. Have a Low-Key Game and Movie Night

This can be done with just you and your significant other or with a whole group of people. If you’re boardgame people, consider this option. Play some fun games together and then sit down to enjoy a romantic movie.

Do you need some movie inspiration? We’ve got you covered. Check our previous blog post: 14 Romantic Movies to Watch on Valentine’s Day.

5. Explore a Charming Small Town

If you want to go out of town, but maybe just for a day, find a cute small town nearby to explore together. Go through the cute shops, find a local place to eat and see what the town has to offer. One of our favorite places to go in small towns are bakeries. And Valentine’s Day is the best time for a sweet treat.

The whole day should be about exploring and having fun. Don’t forget to take pictures to remember the day.

6. Do Charity Work

Is there a cause that’s important to both of you? Plan a day where you’re giving back to the community. There are so many options out there and the two of you are going to feel so great after making a difference. Finding a cause that you’re both passionate about is a great way to bond.

7. Be Spontaneous

Don’t plan anything. Seriously, no planning is allowed for a spontaneous day. Just get in the car and pick a direction. Then on your journey, if you see something you want to try, do it. The whole goal is to just get out of your comfort zone and wing. We promise it’s going to make for a great story.

8. Plan a Staycation

A staycation is an excuse to completely unplug from the outside world and do things you never have time for. For a romantic staycation, have everything you need already prepared. Grab your favorite food and drinks. Watch TV or movies that you love or haven’t had time to see yet. And do things that you find relaxing or romantic.

Just keep your phone off and ignore the world around you. It can wait for a day, right?

9. Cook Together at Home

If you’re a couple that loves the culinary arts, plan a night around cooking a meal together. Make it a challenge too. Not only will you have a delicious meal, but you’ll have also accomplished something difficult together. Then after the effort, you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

10. Take a Sip and Paint Class

For the couple that loves art (and/or wine), spend the evening learning how to paint something together. You don’t have to be an expert. The instructor takes you through the painting step by step. By the end, you should have something amazing and slightly unique. Put your own personal spin on the design and sign you name to the corner. Then when you get home, you can display your artwork.

11. Be Active

For the fitness-loving couples, there’s nothing better than being active. Plan a day around exercise. Some ideas include going for a scenic hike or spending the day at a rock-climbing gym. You’re bound to love the challenge and excitement.

12. Do Something You’ve Never Done Before

Is there something you’ve both always wanted to try but have never had the chance. Do it together. It doesn’t matter how big or small it is. Maybe it’s just going to local spot or it could be as adventurous as going skydiving.

Take the time to talk to each other about things you’ve always wanted to do. Then from there, make a plan.

13. Find an Unexpected Restaurant

Think about what you usually do for Valentine’s Day and switch it up. Do you typically go to a certain restaurant for the holiday? Maybe try something new. Something unexpected and different. Or find someplace that’s not considered to be romantic and make it fun. Who says you can’t go to a diner if that’s what you love?

14. Relax

Seriously, stay at home and relax together if that’s what you need. Especially if you’re parents, a night at home alone might be your favorite idea. You don’t need to go somewhere fancy to show that you love each other. If you’re both exhausted, just order some food and plan the whole night around having zero responsibilities. Literally just don’t do anything. You deserve it.

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