How to Spend the Perfect Galentine’s Day: 11 Incredible Ways to Celebrate

You don’t have to be in a relationship to have an amazing Valentine’s Day. Maybe you just want the perfect day with your girls. Or maybe you’re getting over a breakup and need your best friends to get you through it. It doesn’t matter why you’re celebrating Galentine’s Day, but it does matter what you do.

Of course, you need to make amazing memories. We came with the best 11 ways to celebrate Galentine’s Day.

Whether you want to stay in and relax or spend the night out, we’ve got something for everyone. This post is all about planning the perfect Galentine’s Day.

1. Attempt an Escape Room

Need an escape from relationships? An escape room gets you out of the house and out of your head. And it’s such a great team building exercise with your closest friends. Work together to try to escape before the clock runs out.

There are also so many different escape room themes, so customize the experience based on your personality. We promise it’s a fun way to spend your day and avoid heart-shaped madness.

2. Host a Movie Marathon

You’re going to need to watch comedies that highlight female friendships. Our recommendations: Sleepover, Bridesmaids and Clueless. If you’re not in the mood for our picks, just try to watch something that’s going to keep you laughing all night.

Grab some movies and snacks and spend the day in pajamas. There’s nothing like having a stress-free day with your best friends.

3. Go Axe Throwing

Sometimes you need a healthy outlet for stress and anger. Or you just really want to learn how to throw an axe. Axe throwing is a chance to be active in an unconventional way. You can even turn it into a competition. Whoever wins has the others buy her drinks after the fact.

4. Relax at a Happy Hour

If you want to go out, look cute, but still have a chill night, find a great happy hour. Drink yummy and cheaper cocktails with your girls, while spending the evening talking and laughing. Not as many people are going to be at the bars on Valentine’s Day, so enjoy the quieter environment.

5. Bake Delicious Treats

They don’t have to be heart shaped, but we guess they can be. Dedicate an entire day to baking your favorites. Unlike holiday baking, they don’t have to be thematic. Just make what you love to eat, it’s that simple.

Enlist your besties to help and separate duties. If one of your friends isn’t great in the kitchen, then have them participate in a different way. They could bring the drinks. As long as everyone has fun and enjoys the fruits of their labor.

6. Get Your Nails Done

Treat yourself, you deserve it. Book group mani-pedis and focus on relaxation. A girl’s day is the perfect time to go bold with your color choices. If you usually stick to neutrals, try something brighter. It’s a chance to get out of your comfort zone, while getting pampered.

7. Head Out to a Concert

Look up if there are any great concerts happening near you the week of Valentine’s Day. If you live in a major metropolitan area, you’re sure to find concerts ranging from big acts to smaller indie artists. Do what you want of course, but we recommend a smaller concert.

Why? Because it’s less likely to be booked for Valentine’s Day and it’s a low-key spot to just have fun and dance to the music. You don’t even have to know the band or performer. Indie acts always appreciate new listeners.

8. Go Hiking

If you need a day completely away from technology, we recommend spending it in nature. Unplug and take in the beautiful sites. Enjoy the fresh air and take the time to reflect on your life. There’s something about being outside and moving that helps people think. Nature helps with clarity.

It’s also a great way to talk and vent about anything. Note that it doesn’t have to be about relationships. Make this a smaller group activity so that everyone has a chance to talk about their lives. It’s also still early in the year, so talk about what you want to happen over the coming months.

9. Take a Yoga Class

Group classes are a great way to spend time with your friends while also making your body feel better. Sign up for a bigger group class or try to find something smaller so it’s just you and your friends. Yoga is great for feeling relaxed and developing core strength. It also improves flexibility.

After your yoga class, treat yourself to something healthy and delicious. Go get a delicious smoothie and then debrief on your thoughts about the class. Would you do it again and was the instructor helpful?

10. Host a Slumber Party

Slumber parties are not just for children. Want to plan the ultimate adult slumber party? Here’s a list of things you’ll need:

  • Movies
  • Snacks
  • Drinks
  • Face Masks
  • Nail Polish
  • Games – think throwbacks like Mad Libs and MASH
  • Pillows and Blanket

The ultimate girl’s night is simple and fun. Have every guest bring something the list and then have an amazing time. Also, feel free to blast music for an impromptu dance party. The best thing about a night with your closest friends? No judging. be as silly and creative as you want to be.

11. Treat Yourself to a Shopping Spree

It feels like January is usually a slower shopping month for most people. With good reason, many people just received holiday gifts and don’t spend much right after. But is there something that you want or need that you’ve been holding off on buying? Get it, if it’s within your budget of course. We’re not recommending going into debt.

Some ideas we have for shopping are to get something for your home to make it even better and cozier. Or buy an amazing outfit that you can’t wait to show off at an event this year. There’s nothing better than treating yourself.

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