The Ultimate Spring Bucket List: 27 Fun Things to Do This Spring

Getting ready for a new season? Looking for fun things to do in the spring? We’re so excited to for the warm weather and spending more time outside. But it’s easy to get busy and overwhelmed, which leads to people not enjoying the new season.

We’re here to tell you to take time for yourself this spring and to make it unforgettable. We came up with a list of 27 activities that both adults and children can enjoy.

What are your favorite spring activities? Let us know in the comments!

This blog post is all about the activities that should be on your spring bucket list.

1. Have a Picnic

There will be a lot on this list that has to do with taking advantage of it not being too cold to be outside. Having a picnic can be a fun way to experience the outdoors and mix up the meal preparation experience.

Literally, anything goes. It can be as simple as packing a few sandwiches in a basket, or as complex as building a charcuterie board. Just make sure to pack a picnic blanket and choose a picturesque location.

2. Visit the Farmer’s Market

Farmer’s markets open up again in the spring and it’s the perfect place to pick up some fresh produce. Not only can you buy produce that’s in season, you can also support farmers by shopping local. A lot of fruit, vegetables and herbs get picked in the spring, making the perfect time to find some new recipes.

3. Dine Al Fresco

One thing we miss the most in the winter is the ability to dine outdoors. Sitting outside while eating a delicious meal always puts us in a great mood. Look for a spacious patio with comfy seating this spring. 

Now that it stays light out later, it’s the perfect opportunity to treat yourself to a nice dinner. Take your time to enjoy multiple courses and pair it with a refreshing drink. Seriously, don’t be in a rush.

4. Attend a Festival

Festivals pick up again when the weather starts getting better. Check online to see what your town/city has in store for the season. We guarantee that every major metropolitan area has something exciting going on this spring.

One of our favorites is the National Cherry Blossom festival, which brings in visitors around the country to see the Tidal Basin surrounded by pale pink flowers.

5. Read Outside

Sitting outside in the nice warm sun is a perfect level of comfort to allow you to get lost in a good book. Whether you have your own yard/patio or need to find a public space like a park, reading outdoors is a great way to relax and get some much-needed vitamin D.

Do you need some reading recommendations? Check out our previous blog post, where we talk about spring reading.

6. Make Something Seasonal

After enjoying the farmer’s market, we recommend making something with the seasonal produce. Consider a pie or a fruit tarte. We love anything made with strawberries or lemons.

If you’re not a fruit person, that’s okay. It’s still possible to make a dessert and decorate it for spring. Think pastel colors, flowers and nature-inspired details.

7. Attend a Baseball Game

Baseball season is almost here, which means it’s time to cheer for your favorite team. If you’re lucky enough to have the time, go to a game on opening day. If that doesn’t work, find the right time and cheer with fellow fans. It’s even more fun when you bring your favorite people along with you.

8. Run a Marathon

Spring is the perfect time for racing because the temperature is perfect for running your best time. Especially if you have trained through a long winter, you will finally get to see all your hard work pay off.

Even if you’re not trying to reach a PR, spring is a good time to try running your first race. It’s a major accomplishment to check off your list of things to try.

9. Plan a Spring Getaway

You don’t have to be in college to travel this spring. Spring can be a great time to travel because for most places it’s still the off season, especially in March and April. Destinations have better weather then during the winter and prices aren’t as high as the summer.

10. Visit a Local Winery

Visiting wineries is a great way to spend time with friends and celebrate special occasions. Additionally, it’s a way to support local businesses. Visit different wineries in your area and try a tasting flight to get an idea of what the winery is all about. Most also sell charcuterie and breads to pair with the wines.

Another fun aspect is that most wineries let you bring your dogs to the outside patio. It’s a chance for them to get outdoors and take a small trip away from home.

11. Spring Clean

This might not be the most exciting spring activity, but it’ll be nice to enjoy a decluttered home. Donate all your unworn winter clothing first. Then go through every room in the house to see what you can donate or recycle.

After decluttering, it’s time to give it a deep cleaning. Again, not a super fun activity, unless your Monica Geller. However, you’re going to appreciate having a clean home.

12. Shop for Warm Weather Clothes

Once your closet is cleaned out, it’s easy to see what you’re missing for spring and summer. Take the time to note any needed items and go shopping. Warm weather clothes and shoes are on display at the end of winter, so starting spring with a wardrobe makeover makes for perfect timing.

Grab swimsuits, sun dresses, shorts, flipflops, lighter fabrics and special occasion outfits. But if you want to get some good deals, think ahead to next fall and winter and take advantage of sales. Also, with everyone donating unused winter attire, thrifting for quality items is a great idea, even if you have to wait seven months to wear the items.

13. Plant Flowers

If you have a green thumb, consider planting some flowers in your yard to bring in the new season. Local shops sell in season flowers, including tulips and daffodils. Add some brightness to your yard this season. Flowers add an instant facelift, especially if your grass is recovering from winter weather.

14. Attend a Barbeque

Either attend a barbeque or if you have the bandwidth, be the host. There’s something about coming together to eat food fresh off the grill. Barbeques mean enjoying the outdoors and finding an excuse to connect with friends and family. They also usually include great food, refreshing drinks and fun music.

If you like to dance, host in the evening and hang lights in your backyard. Set up an area for dancing the night away. If you prefer more lowkey events, set up comfy seating so everyone has a chance to chat and relax.

15. Plan for Wedding Season

Wedding season starts at the end of spring and goes through mid-fall. It’s the time to plan any wedding related activities, including travel, gift buying, shopping and pre-event planning. Trust us, weddings come quickly and you want to make sure you have travel booked, your attire set and that you buy a gift for the couple in advance.

If you’re part of the wedding party or are a close family member, you might have other events to consider, like showers and bachelor/bachelorette weekends. It’s best to plan what you can in advance.

16. Play a Sport

Did you know that there are adult sport leagues to join? You don’t have to be a kid to play in a rec league anymore. If you miss getting out there once a week to enjoy your favorite sport, now is the time to start your research.

If you don’t want to join something so organized, get a group of friends and play a sport in a public area. Pickup games of football and basketball are simple to organize. Or if you have enough participants, try a game of baseball.

17. Visit a Pool on Opening Weekend

Opening weekend depends on where you live. For us, pools open on Memorial Day weekend and you can bet that we plan to spend at least one day by the pool. Swimming is a relaxing activity and we miss spending time in the sunshine. But if you’d rather stay on dry land, bring a book and some snacks with you.

18. Try a New Restaurant

Spring is a time for trying new things. We find that spring is also the time when a lot of new restaurants open up locally. Find a new restaurant for a spring date night. Don’t be afraid to try something new!

If you don’t know where to start, do some research to see what gems have opened up in your area.

19. Find an Outdoor Concert

Outdoor concerts in public areas are common in the second half of spring. The best part is that they’re usually free. Go out for a spring concert and set up a blanket. Enjoy the music and find ways to support local talent. Even if the music isn’t your usual taste, it’s fun to do something difference once and a while.

20. Stroll Through an Outdoor Marketplace

Maybe hit up a flea market or check out neighborhood yard sales. It’s a fun way to find hidden treasures, while also taking a nice outdoor stroll. You never know what you might find.

21. Go to Brunch

Is it just us, or does brunch feel like a spring and summer activity? Especially mimosas and bellinis on weekend mornings. Organize a group brunch or turn it into a romantic date. We love finding brunch places close by and seeing which restaurant has the best options.

22. Start a New Hobby

Bring in the new time of year by trying a new hobby. Let your creativity flourish this spring by doing something you never expected. You don’t have to be a master at it to have fun.

Take a painting class for fun. Grab a camera and take photos of nature. Grab some boots and hit the trails. The whole point is to have fun.

23. Go to a Park

Going to a local park is a free, fun and relaxing activity for the entire family. Kids love to play in the park and it can also be a fun meet up spot for adults. Enjoy a walk and chat about anything. Or go solo and enjoy some much-needed solitary time.

Going to a park and getting out is also a way to inspire creativity. It helps with writer’s block and inspires artists to create.

24. Go for a Hike

Trails are usually slippery or filled with slush and can be hard to make your way through in the wintertime. Once spring comes and the trails clear up it feels great getting out and spending time in the woods. Check out some easy trails for beginners. If you’re a seasoned hiker, think about visiting national parks.

25. Go Letterboxing

If you don’t know what letterboxing is, read about it here. It can be especially fun to do if you have kids. It’s essentially a treasure hunt experience that you get to share with others who have done it in the past.

26. Be Creative with Chalk

Kids need ways to express themselves and we bet parents would rather they do that outside. Unlike paint, chalk can be cleaned easily. Grab a bucket of chalk and let the kids draw, play games and have a memorable day outdoors. It’s an inexpensive way to keep them entertained all season long.

27. Visit a Botanical Garden

Botanical gardens are beautiful places and a way to appreciate plants, especially if you don’t have a home garden. They’re a romantic day date idea or simply a fun place to take the entire family. Gardens are relaxing places, so visit one when you want to go out, but also want to take it easy.

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  1. Love this list! I am dying for Spring to get underway! It’s currently been chased away by a last blast of snow here in Northern England. I’m ready for outdoor eating and getting stuck into my garden x

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