College Graduation Gift Guide: The 15 Best Ideas for Your College Grad

Graduation season is almost here! That means it’s time to start shopping for the future college grad in your life.

We came up with a list of 15 gift ideas that should be applicable to anyone you know who is graduating college. From big gifs from parents to smaller gifts from friends, we’ve got you covered.

College graduation is such a special time in someone’s life and they deserve to be celebrated. Help them remember their accomplishment and get them something that they’re going to want/need in the next phase of their life.

This blog post is all about the best college graduation gifts.

1. Money

Money is a great gift for a college graduate. They can either use the money to buy something special or they can put it toward starting graduate school. Put the money in a graduation card and write a note about how proud you are of them. Let them know that they should put the money toward something they truly want.

2. Frame Their Degree

This gift idea is best for parents of the graduate. Quality graduation frames can be expensive. However, they are worth the investment. This is something your graduate will keep forever and every time they see it hanging on the wall, they’re going to be reminded of their accomplishment.

Make sure to have the graduate come with you to customize the framing job to their liking. Our advice: use one of the school’s colors as the color for the frame border.

3. An Experience

Give the graduate a special day as a gift. Either plan an activity or trip as a surprise or let them pick what they want to do. It’s the perfect chance for them to relax after a busy few weeks of final exams, papers and graduation events.

4. A Photo Album

Photo albums are a great way for the graduate to remember their college experience. Have them put their favorite college photos in it, with some of the pages dedicated to their graduation photos. It’s even better if you can get some photos printed for them.

5. A Watch

A watch is perfect for someone starting their career. It looks professional and is a stylish way to pull an outfit together. If you don’t know their taste, take them shopping and have them pick out something themselves and get it sized in the store. Make the shopping experience a fun day out and after getting the watch, plan on going out for drinks or dinner.

6. A Keurig

Perfect for the coffee lover and necessary for anyone considering graduate school. Seriously, coffee is your best friend in grad school. It’s a great gift, it’s easy to use and it comes in many colors, so it looks cute in a kitchen or on a desk.

Consider getting them some K-Cups to start out. It doesn’t have to be just coffee, there’s also tea and hot chocolate.

7. A Cast Iron Skillet

The cast iron skillet is a great tool for any home cook or for someone who wants to learn how to cook. We recommend the brand Le Creuset for their high-quality products and the number of colors that their cast iron tools come in.

Do you know the graduates favorite color? If so, get them their favorite color so they can start matching their other kitchen equipment to their new skillet.

8. A Business Card Holder

A beautiful leather business card holder is nice for networking purposes. They can hold their own personal business cards in it, as well as collect cards from people they meet during networking events. You can even have the business card holder monogrammed with the graduate’s initials.

9. A Bottle of Champagne

Is there a better way to celebrate than with a bottle of champagne? Get them a special bottle of bubbly to enjoy solo or with their friends. It’s a great gift to show them that they get to celebrate and should take some time to have fun.

10. A Leather Journal

Journaling has become more popular in recent years and graduation is a great time for a new journal. The journal can be used for anything, such as writing down their thoughts, crafting creative short stories or using as a planner. It’s a great gift for all of the possibilities it offers.

11. Art Supplies

When life gets stressful, it’s important to have a creative outlet. Think about whether to get them a sketch book, canvases, yarn, a sewing machine, etc. Customize the gift to their personality and allow them to create something amazing.

12. An Acessory

Take into account what the graduate likes to wear. Some ideas are a necklace, a bracelet and a tie. Get something special and unique that you know the graduate will wear often. If you need help and you’re not their parent, considering asking their parents what they like and what color scheme to go with.

13. Books

Book lovers can never have too many books. Consider your graduate and whether to get something fun or something practical. Maybe a book related to what they’re studying in graduate school. Or if you want to go with a fun option, give them something they can enjoy during the summer when they relax.

14. A Camera

Capture all your amazing moments in life with a camera. If they don’t have a camera, it’s great time to get them one. There are so many amazing moments they’re going to want to photograph and it’s just nice to have. Get them something that is easy to use and practical so they can carry it around with them.

15. A Quality Lather Bag

A quality leather bag can last someone many years. Again, the style and size of the bag depends on the graduate’s specific taste. However, a bag is a good investment piece and if you find something you know they will like, it’s something they’re going to use very often. They’re going to love having something that looks amazing and is practical to have.

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  1. My eldest daughter graduates from university this year. A watch would be a great present for her! I had no idea what to buy here – thank you for the ideas! xxx

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