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Stream or Skip: February and March 2023 TV Shows and Movies

We’re so excited for our latest edition of stream or skip, where we share the TV shows and movies that recently came out and provide our honest opinions.

Have you watched any of the TV shows or movies that we mentioned? Let us know in the comments.

This blog post is all about the TV Shows and movies that we think you should stream or skip.


1. Bel-Air

Bel-Air is the remake of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. While the beginning of the story is similar to the original, Bel-Air is a drama instead of a comedy and takes into account modern political, racial and social issues.

Season two is even better than season one in our opinion. We’re really getting to know these characters better and the storylines so far have been engaging and well thought out. While we like all of the main characters, our favorite is Aunt Viv. We really enjoy seeing her art career thrive.

If you haven’t seen this show yet, we highly recommend it.

Verdict: Stream

2. Love Trip: Paris

Seriously, what did we just watch? We love Paris, but after just one episode, we knew we couldn’t watch any more of this reality show. Despite seeing beautiful images of a great city, it’s the characters that drove us crazy.

Four American women move to Paris to date a group of French men and women in hopes of finding the one. The show is just a mess though and there’s nothing romantic about it. We just had no desire to watch more, but we wish the people searching for love good luck.

Verdict: Skip

3. Outer Banks

Outer Banks is a show about a treasure hunt. In season three, the treasure hunt gets even more complicated as the group searches for El Dorado in South America.

We’ve enjoyed Outer Banks since it released and that every season features a new adventure with an intriguing mystery. We found season three to be enjoyable and dramatic. Now we’re waiting on season four, especially since the show introduced a new mystery for the characters.

Verdict: Stream

4. YOU

Joe Goldberg is trying to leave his past behind him and moves to London for a fresh start, where he becomes a college professor and goes by the name Jonathan Moore. While Joe believes he’s changed, he faces a lot of challenges as he joins an elite social group and gets involved in scandals. Is Joe really ready to be a good person and leave the past in California and New York?

Season four was easily the most shocking season so far. Netflix released the show in two parts and wow were we surprised with what happened in part two. All we can say is that Joe went through some interesting character development.

If you’ve watched the show this far, we have to say season four is better than season three.

Verdict: Stream

5. Your Place or Mine

Your Place or Mine looked like a cute romcom that released in time for Valentine’s Day. Sadly, we found the movie to be boring. Ashton Kutcher and Reese Witherspoon are both household names, which is the reason we were surprised that the movie wasn’t good.

We felt that their characters lacked chemistry and that it took way too long for them to share their feelings with each other. It just wasn’t the adorable movie that most people want to see around Valentine’s Day.

Verdict: Skip


1. Good Trouble

Season five of Good Trouble is here and picks up after a dramatic cliffhanger. Everyone in the group is starting something new. Mariana has her new role as CEO, Davia is going back to musical theatre, Malika received a promotion, Dennis is starting a restaurant and Gael is adjusting to fatherhood.

So far, we’ve liked the first few episodes and can’t to see what’s going to happen next. We’re only a few episodes in and it’s already starting to be a great season.

Verdict: Stream

2. Murder Mystery 2

Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler are back and they’re ready to make you laugh. In Murder Mystery 2, there characters get involved in another mystery, which takes them to Paris, France. After a shocking kidnapping, Audrey and Nick are ready to test their detective skills and solve another high-profile situation.

This journey leads them to their most interesting and twisted discovery yet. And the movie sets up for a Murder Mystery 3, which we really hope happens.

Verdict: Stream

3. Riverdale

Riverdale first came out in 2017 and we’ve been watching this show for years. Season 7 promises to be the most interesting yet as the show goes back to the comic’s roots by setting the show in the 1950s.

While we don’t necessarily recommend the show if you’re starting from the beginning, it can be campy, we do recommend watching season seven it if you already started the show. While we only watched episode one, we’re excited to see how these characters get back to present day.

Verdict: Stream

4. The Night Agent

The Night Agent is Netflix’s new thriller. Set in Washington D.C., The Night Agent follows FBI Agent Peter Sutherland who operates an emergency phone line at night. The one call pulls him into a crazy conspiracy involving a mole at The White House.

The show has already proven to be popular. We enjoy a good mystery, so we found ourselves nervous and excited to see what would happen next. If you’re searching for an exciting new show, we recommend streaming The Night Agent.

Verdict: Stream

5. Top Chef

Top Chef is back for an All-Star season and it’s set in London. Unlike any season before, this season features All Stars from around the globe. So far, the competition is fierce and the challenges have been interesting.

If you’re fans of previous seasons or other cooking shows, we recommend watching the newest season of Top Chef. Get ready to see different parts of London and watch challenges that are based on the local food scene and culture. From soccer stadiums to Pubs, get ready to explore London.

The finalists will then get a chance to cook in Paris, France.

Verdict: Stream

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  1. Thank you for sharing! I loved series 1 and 2 of You, but I thought it lost the plot a little bit in series 3, so I’ve not given series 4 a go yet. I will definitely watch it at some point though, and it sounds like it was pretty shocking! Thank you for sharing x

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