11 Incredible Spring Date Ideas to Enjoy the Season

It’s spring! Which means it’s time to take off the heavy coats and enjoy the warmer weather. Spring is also the perfect time to try some new date ideas. If you’re searching for inspiration for planning the perfect spring date, we’ve got you covered.

Whether you’re going on a first date or have been together for many years, there’s something on this list for everyone. It’s time to get out and some fun this season.

This blog post is all about spring date ideas!

1. Picnic at Sunset

Try to get outside as much as possible when the weather is nice. A lowkey, outdoor and fun date idea is to plan a picnic with a great view of the sunset. Picnics are great because they are easily customizable. Plan the perfect menu, grab a blanket and a picnic basket and you have a romantic date night.

Find a beautiful spot with sunset views so you can enjoy the bright colors with your meal. The great part about spring is that it stays light out later so it’s the right time for planning an evening date.

2. Attempt a Ropes Course

Most outdoor attractions close in the fall and re-open in the spring. For the adventurous couple, go out and try a ropes course. Ropes courses usually have multiple courses depending on skill level so you don’t have to be super athletic. You just have to be willing to try something new.

The challenges are based on strength and balance, with some ziplines thrown in. Ropes courses are popular for retreats and team building exercises, so why not make it a date? You can even turn it into a fun competition.

3. Cook a Seasonal Dinner at Home

Find the right in season produce and cook a meal at home. Want to make it more fun and creative? Don’t plan the menu in advance.

Go to a farmer’s market and find a bunch of in-season items. Then use what you have at home to turn it into a chopped-style challenges. What can the two of you come up with based on what you found? It’s a perfect team challenges to has you be creative and work together. After all the work, then you can relax and enjoy your creation.

4. Go on a Bike Tour of Your Town/City

Biking provides a unique way to see your town or city. It’s a great form of exercise and it allows you to see a lot of places in a short amount of time. You don’t even have to own a bike now since a lot of places have the option to rent them.

For a scenic bike tour, find a trail near a river. Or if you want to see a big city, take your bike to different attractions.

5. Pick Fruit

Picking fruit isn’t only about apples in the fall. There’s fruit picking that starts in spring. A lot of fruit is about to become in season so make a day of it. Get out and find some amazing produce that you can enjoy at home. We’re getting excited for peaches and strawberries.

6. Spend the Day Winery/Distillery/Brewery Hopping

Want to get out of the city and explore some outdoor venues for drinks? Then decide if you’re in the mood for wineries, breweries or distilleries. A lot of these places also serve food, so get a nice charcuterie board to go with your choice of drinks.

Just be careful if you’re driving to each location. Be careful and wait for a while before driving. And don’t drink on an empty stomach.

7. Attend a Baseball Game

For the sports lovers, spring means baseball season. It’s the perfect time to cheer on your team together and have a fun day out. Baseball stadiums allow you to be outside and feel like you’re part of the action, which is more fun than watching from home. Don’t forget to bring a baseball glove and see if you can get a ball.

8. Visit a Beach Town

Beach towns are usually a summer destination, but why not spring? Summer is usually so expensive and crowded. If you have a nice day, consider taking a day trip. Beach towns have fun restaurants, cute shops and great places to explore. If it’s warm enough or if you’re brave enough, go for a swim.

9. Find an Outdoor Festival

Spring festivals are a lot of fun. There are many options, from music festivals to food festivals. Get online and see what your options are. After being inside so much in the winter, festivals allow us to be around people, have a great time and enjoy some sunshine.

10. Go for a Walk and Get Iced Drinks

This is a great idea for a first date. Instead of just sitting across from each other for a few hours, it gets you moving. Pick up your favorite iced drinks and enjoy the nice day. Sometimes it’s easier to talk and get to know someone when you’re moving around. Also, if there’s an awkward pause, take a sip of your drink.

However, this is also a relaxed day date for couples. When life is busy, you don’t always have time to talk. This the perfect way to get away from distractions and just enjoy each other’s company.

11. Be Spontaneous

Get in the car and just start driving. Or if you don’t have a car, get on public transportation. The goal is to not plan anything in advance and just see what happens. There’s bound to be something fun going on.

Whether you find a nearby town hosting a fun event or decide on a low-key dinner at a new restaurant, the idea is to try something new with someone you care about. Make sure to have fun and enjoy your spontaneous date day.

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