15 Creative Ideas to Make Your Wedding Day Unique

It’s officially wedding season. Most people end up getting married between spring and fall. So, a lot of couples are in planning mode right now. Even if you’re not getting married, it’s always good to think about how to make your wedding as fun and creative as possible.

If you’re looking for wedding inspiration, look no further. The best ways to make your wedding day unique is to implement your personality in every aspect.

This blog post is all about creative ways to make your wedding day unique.

1. Choose a Unique Venue

The venue is typically the first wedding decision couples make and it sets the tone for the wedding. The vibe of your wedding is based on your venue choice. It’s also the first way to make your special day unique.

If you’re opting for a less traditional wedding, then skip the religious venue and the hotel ballroom. Also, skip the barn as well. Rustic chic has become one of the most common wedding trends.

Instead, opt for something less common, like something outdoors with beautiful scenery, like the beach or the mountains. If you want to get even more creative, try places like museums, rooftops in big cities or an art gallery. Or if you don’t mind moving around, consider renting out a boat and have your special day on the water. There are so many fun venues to show your interests and personality.

2. Write Yow Own Vows

Writing your own vows is romantic and a way to personalize your ceremony. Instead of just repeating what someone else says, get creative by sharing how you feel and what you want to vow to your spouse. Take the time to write your vows to make sure they feel right.

Another way to make the vow writing more fun is get custom vow books with your names on them. Give them to your officiant before the ceremony and have them hand them to you before you speak.

3. Get Creative with Your Colors

Some of the most common wedding colors are navy blue, blush, champagne and nature inspired green. If you want to stand out more, pick a color that isn’t used as much.

If you want to stay in the blue family, maybe consider turquoise or teal instead of navy. If you want to play with neutrals, think of using metallics like gold, rose gold and silver. Or if you plan on going bold, have fun with brights and jewel tones. Think purple.

4. Have Fun with Food

Bored with traditional wedding dinners? Instead of having a plated meal with a few choices, try a buffet or food stations instead. Not only can guests choose how much food they want, but they also get some variety. Some fun ideas are a mashed potato bar, a pasta station and a carving station. Just make sure there is something for everyone.

This doesn’t have to be for just dinner though, this can be done at cocktail hour too. Let people choose from different types of foods at stations and compliment it with passed hors d’oeuvres.

5. Mix and Match Bridesmaid and Groomsmen Attire

The wedding party doesn’t have to match. For bridesmaids, you can either give them a color and let them pick their dress or have everyone in a different shade of the same color family. Groomsmen can match with the bridesmaids or do a complimentary color. Also, there can be bridesmen and groomswomen.

6. Create an Unusual Signature Drink

Having a signature drink is a fun way to show your personality. Make it go with the wedding theme or make something special to you too. Also, think about what is local and works with your venue.

If you need some inspiration, do some research online, check out local cocktail bars or ask the bartender for ideas. Just make sure you love the taste.

7. Decide on the Music

Music sets the tone for the party. Instead of picking the music that plays at every wedding, decide what music you both like, which can also be danced to all night long.

If you’re not particular about music, on the wedding invitations, ask people to write down a song they’d like to hear when they RSVP yes. That way people get excited and run to the dance floor when their song gets played.

8. Have Dessert

Does it have to be cake? Not if you don’t want cake. If you like cake, it doesn’t have to be white or yellow cake. The dessert can be anything you want it to be. A display of cupcakes? A dessert bar? A candy bar? Anything goes. Recently, people have been doing a donut wall.

Dessert is all about personal taste so make it something you want to eat at your wedding. The decoration of the dessert is another way to get creative.

9. Create a DIY Photobooth

Not only does it help you save by making it DIY, you can personalize it. Amazon sells some fun and easy to set up backdrops and backdrop stands. Then you can get creative with props so that everyone has fun when taking pictures.

The only things to also have are an iPad and a tripod to set it up. Just download apps, which can be cheap or free and make sure someone knows how to use it.

10. Create Fun Signs

Have signs set up around your venue for everything guests need to know or find. Make them colorful, have them say creative things and place them around. Use the signs to highlight the ceremony site, the reception venue, where to place gifts, etc.

11. Place Disposable Cameras on Tables

If you want to make sure every moment is captured, place cameras on tables or near the dance floor. Encourage people to take photos and then you get to see them the next day and relive the night.

Photographers can’t get every moment for every guest, so the more cameras, the better.

12. Have Late Night Bites

People get hungry after dancing all night. Place snacks near the dance floor for an energy boost and soak up the alcohol. Some ideas are sliders, fries, nachos and boneless wings. For the sweet side, you can’t go with cookies, brownies and smores.

13. Switch Up the Guest Book

Instead of a usual guest book, think about another way to have guests to write you a note. Have the sign a globe or a world map. Or give them note cards and ask them or date night ideas. Or think about having a polaroid and having guests make a collage.

14. Incorporate Games

Want to play some games at the reception? Play a trivia game about who knows the bride and groom guest with the winner getting a prize. Or play the memory game and have guest write down a memory of you and you have to guess whist person wrote it down. Or ask someone in the wedding party to create a surprise game.

15. Have a Fun Exit

The grand exit used to be rice, but that’s a thing of the past. Sparklers are a really fun and inexpensive way for guests to send off and they look good in pictures. Want to go a little bigger? Some venues do fireworks! The important thing is that you both love the sendoff and make it memorable.

11 thoughts on “15 Creative Ideas to Make Your Wedding Day Unique”

  1. Wedding days can be such a lovely celebration and it’s so wonderful to make it your own and enjoy it all. I like these suggestions and can see how some people could get really creative. I went a very different route when I got married (just a quick trip to the courthouse) but it was perfect for us. Love this post!

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