Summer Creative Writing Ideas: 11 Prompts to Get Started

Do you want to write more during the summer? It can be hard to know where to start. We came up with 11 incredible prompts to help start your summer writing journey.

Let us know in the comments which prompts you’re interested in trying and if you plan on doing some creative writing during the summer.

This blog post is all about summer creative writing ideas.

1. A vacation gone wrong

Similar to the road trip genre in movies, write a funny short story about a family or group of friends taking a trip and running into a lot of funny obstacles on the way. We really enjoy reading these types of stories. Many authors seem to have a unique take on the idea, so it usually doesn’t feel overdone. It’s also guaranteed to make you laugh out loud while writing it.

2. A coming of age adventure

One of our favorite kinds of stories. Think Stand by Me or even It in some ways. Also, there are many YA books that feature a coming-of-age tale. Any story about kids or teens going on an adventure and learning something important about themselves along the way. 

3. A picaresque tale

This is the genre that would best describe The Misadventures of Johan O’Malley or Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Come up with a character who has a lot of goofy traits and show the shenanigans they get into as they stumble through life.

4. A true story with a twist

Write about something that actually happened to you but sprinkle in stuff that is made up. Have something supernatural happen or have yourself come upon a mystery that you then have to solve. The main character doesn’t have to be you, it can be a character based on you. Or for a creative spin, write a character who is different from you, but write about real events.

5. An already published story with a twist

Tell the story of Little Red Riding Hood but make her live in downtown Chicago or tell the story about Snow White and the Seven Giants. If you can’t come up with your own story, find another story for inspiration and make it your own. There are plenty of retelling out there that become bestsellers. Just be sure to make the story your own.

6. A summer romance set at a beach town

Who doesn’t love a cute summer romance? If you’re in the mood to write a romance book or short story this summer, set it at a beach town. Beach towns inspire imagery of days full of sunshine and fun, in a cute town full of small shops and restaurants. The setting sounds romantic and picturesque.

7. A spooky tale set at a remote summer camp

Summer camps in the middle of nowhere are the perfect setting for a summer mystery. With limited access to the outside world, a camp setting has readers focus entirely on the characters. And detectives have to get even more creative without access to the internet. So, tell us what happens at your fictional summer camp.

8. A story about best friends

Friendship is one of our favorite topics to write about. We love a story that features a strong friendship. Write about two best friends and write the story in dual POVs. That way you and the readers get to know both characters well.

9. A story set during your favorite time in history

Do you have a favorite time period in history? Do some research and write something set during a different time period. it can be centuries ago or something that happened in the 1980s. Writing a historical book is a great opportunity to learn and get creative. Besides, your summer story can take place at any point in time.

10. Create a fantasy world

Summer is a time for creativity. If you want to get really creative, think about writing fantasy. Your main character could have powers, be Fae or be from a different dimension. Anything goes when it comes to fantasy. The idea for this prompt is to let your mind wander.

11. A story set the summer before college

The summer before college is a great time period in life for an adventure to occur. Everything in life is new and exciting. It’s a time to try new things, make memories and fall in love. You’re both excited and nervous for starting college.

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