11 Incredible At-Home Date Night Ideas

It can be hard to find time to go out when in a relationship. Some couples even prefer to stay home and keep date nights lowkey. Whether you prefer to stay home or are balancing busy schedules, we’re here to tell you that staying at home can be just as fun as going out.

We came up with 11 ideas to make your next at-home date unforgettable. If you’re interested in more date ideas, check out our post 10 Date Ideas for the Busy Couple.

This blog post is all about incredible at-home date night ideas.

1. Get cozy and watch a movie

Movie nights are the perfect way to spend a relaxing evening. If you haven’t had time to watch a lot of movies recently, it’s the perfect time to watch something you’ve wanted to see for a while. We recommend watching two movies so each of you has a chance to pick one.

Don’t forget to make your viewing area super cozy and grab the snacks. The best part of watching movies at home is the fact that you can get comfortable and have the perfect food and drink selection.

2. Make a fun dinner or bake a tasty dessert

Having a romantic dinner at home starts in the kitchen. Make one of your favorite dishes or try a new recipe. Cooking and baking are activities that couples can do together. And what makes it even more fun, you get to enjoy the final product afterwards.

Cooking and baking allow you to focus on your teamwork and your communication skills. Figure out what to make and decide how to share the responsibilities.

3. Have a two-person dance/karaoke party

Who says you can’t dance and sing in your living room? Put on some music and get the two-person party started. You can choose to do a dance party, a karaoke party or both.

The fun part of this is it’s active and allows you both to just let loose for the night. If you want to get even more specific, make it a theme night. All the songs must be from a certain decade or from a specific artist.

4. Have story time

Go back and forth sharing funny and embarrassing stories. It’s a fun way to reconnect if you have both been busy lately. Even couples who have been together for a long time must have some never before shard stories.

Or if you want to get creative, make up stories together. Trade off saying a sentence out loud and see what you come up with. Every time we play this game or something similar, it always leads to a lot of laughs.

5. Play Mad Libs

Play Mad Libs or any old game from childhood that brings out your creative and goofy side. Mad Libs is so much fun and allows you bring out your inner child. And most of the work is completed for you. All you have to do is fill in the blanks together.

This our favorite recommendation if you or your significant other has been stressed lately. For one night, just focus on being silly.

6. Hang out outside on a clear night and stargaze or have a bonfire

If you have a backyard, take advantage of the space. If it’s a nice night, sit outside and view the stars together. To make it even more romantic, consider building a bonfire and cuddling up by it. Being outside and enjoying the beautiful weather is a nice way to unwind.

7. Have a living room picnic

Set a blanket on the floor and grab your picnic basket. An indoor picnic is romantic and you don’t have to deal with bugs. Pack some yummy treats and grab a bottle of your favorite wine.

Indoor picnics are also a great idea for what to do on days with bad weather. While it’s raining outside, be warm and cozy at home with your favorite person.

8. Take a virtual cooking class

If you want to learn a new skill together without leaving you home, try a virtual cooking class. Unlike just making something together, a cooking class enhances your skills and allows you to get out of your culinary comfort zone.

Look online to see what classes are offered and what you both would like to learn. Some options are classes taught by chefs, restaurants or culinary stores.

9. Try a new hobby

Trying a new hobby together is a way to try something new and have fun at home. The best part of this option is trying something new together. It’s a great way to bond. Who knows, it may even become your new thing.

Need some inspiration for what hobby to try? Check out our blog post 51 Amazing Hobbies to Try in 2023.

10. Relax and pamper yourselves

Why not have a spa night at home? It allows you to unwind and recharge. Try using some new products, like under eye patches or exfoliants, paint your nails, try some yoga or if you’re lucky enough to have a hot tub, use it.

Whatever relaxation and pampering means to you is what you should do. It should all about taking a step back from life and just simply have time to be together.

11. Try the 36 questions experiment

We tried 36 Questions and wrote about it on the blog. The questions are designed to make two people fall in love. But we actually recommend it for couples more because it’s a way to build trust and bring you closer together. The questions start out easier and get more personal as they go. We recommend it for any couple looking for something different to try.

9 thoughts on “11 Incredible At-Home Date Night Ideas”

  1. These are great ideas for an at-home date night! My partner and I usually watch a movie, but it would be fun to have a living room picnic! Also, I would like to do the 36 questions with them.


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