11 Ways to Make Friends in a New City

Making friend as an adult is much harder than making friends as a kid. Especially in a new city, it can be difficult to know where and how to start.

We have 11 great ideas for ways to make friends in a new city. Our advice is to just go out and have fun. Do activities that you enjoy and that can help you meet people who have similar interests as you.

Let us know how you make friends in the comments.

This blog post is all about ways to make friends in a new city.

1. Go to local events

If there is a free concert in the park, then go to it even if you don’t like the kind of music being played. If there is a local festival, walk around and see what it is all about. Even research online what’s going on near you soon. Local events can be fun environment to hangout and talk to people.

2. Talk to your neighbors

It can be nice to actually get to know the people you say hi to every morning on your way to work. Don’t be afraid to start a conversation when you have time. This can be especially helpful for people who go for leisurely walks. You never know you might meet.

3. Talk to people at school or work

Hopefully you can talk about more than just work or school related topics. Learn about their personal lives and what they like to do outside of work or school. If you seem to get along with someone, see if they want to get coffee or go to a happy hour. Or maybe have lunch. It’s a great way to figure out if you get along well.

4. Go to local hangout spots

Find a local bar or coffee shop and become friendly with the regular customers. When you move to a new city, find some places where you can become a regular. If you like the place and someone else is there often, you know you already have something in common.

5. Find a hobby

Runners and cyclists often find themselves part of a large community of people who enjoy that activity. But those aren’t the only hobbies that could lead to friendships. Find something you enjoy and join a local group or organization. It can even be something you haven’t tried before.

6. Join a book club

This is a good start because you’ll already know the people in the group have similar interests in terms of what types of books they like to read. Book clubs can be hosted by people and advertised online or created through local book stores Find a new friend and a new favorite book.

7. Take a class

What would you like to learn? A great way to meet people is at a class. These people are likely to have similar interests as you. If you’re already in school, then this one is easy. If you’re not, sign up for a class to learn something new or try something fun. There are so many options.

8. Volunteer

Think about something you’re passionate and see if there are any volunteer opportunities near you. You can meet people who are passionate about the same things you are passionate about. Volunteering can be a great way to spend time and get to know the local organizations.

9. Explore the city

Get to know your new city and explore. You could join a tour group or just wander around solo. You could also meet people who are new to the city and trying to get to know it better. Look up some of the attractions online and make sure to visit them. If you’re in a big city or close to a big city, there are bound to be many options.

10. Post in your alumni group

Reach out to people you went to school with and see if anyone lives in your new city. You might get a chance to reconnect with people you haven’t seen in a while or even get to know people better that you didn’t know very well.

11. Join a team

Recreational activities such as softball or soccer are popular and easy to find in most cities. There are probably even more sports options near you, such as basketball and flag football. If you’re in the mood to play sports just for fun, it’s a great way to stay active and meet people who enjoy the same sports.

1 thought on “11 Ways to Make Friends in a New City”

  1. These are some great suggestions to help make friends in a new environment. I am starting university in September and so I feel like I could tailor these to making friends at university. Thank you for sharing your suggestions.



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