15 Reasons Why Everyone Should Have a Best Friend

Having close friends is so important. In fact, we believe that everyone needs a best friend. There are so many benefits to having a best friend and we can’t wait to share them with you.

However, not everyone has a best friend. It can be hard to meet new people, especially as an adult. There are many ways to meet new people and the way to do it is to join groups, clubs or teams where you can meet people with similar interests.

This blog post is all about why everyone should have a best friend.

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Chren’s Big Life Update

Hello readers, happy Tuesday! Something big and amazing happened over the weekend. We’re so excited to share with you some big news.

We mentioned in our Get to Know Chren post months ago that we are long distance best friends and have been for the entirety of our nine-year friendship. While we managed to stay close by talking every day, we always wished we had more time together. Every goodbye was sad and dramatic. Except, now we don’t have to say goodbye.

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10 Fun Winter Activities to do with Your Best Friend

Is the chilly weather getting you down? Then we have some ideas for you to make the most out of winter. We came up with 10 fun winter activities to do with your best friend when you’re bored. We get it. On freezing days sometimes it’s easier to just stay home. But we promise it’s worth it to get out and make amazing memories. You can even do some of these activities from the comfort of your home.

Even though we spent most of our friendship as long-distance best friends, we’ve gotten to spend a lot of time together in the winter. Now that we live together, we get to plan even more fun outings. Below, you’ll find some of our favorite winter activities to do together.

Let us know in the comments what your favorite winter activities are!

1. Go Ice Skating

One of our favorite winter activities is going ice skating at an outdoor rink. There’s something so fun about bundling up and going skating around the holidays. It’s not too late to go skating though! Most outdoor rinks stay open until March. Grab you best friends and hit the ice.

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Get to Know Chren

Welcome to According to Chren everyone! Since we’re new to the blogging world, we wanted all of our readers to have a chance to get to know us. Feel free to tell us more about yourselves in the comments section below!

1. We’re Besties!

The first thing to know about us is that we’ve been best friends practically since the moment we met. We met through a mutual friend and have been inseparable ever since. In fact, when we had to say bye to each other for the first time, we became super sad and spent the entire next day trying to schedule a visit ASAP.

We bonded quickly over our similar sense of humor and our desire to go on adventures. Eventually, we shared a passion for writing, psychology and creativity.

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