How to Start Planning for an Epic Summer

It’s never too early to start planning for summer. Summer tends to be a busy time of year, so to make sure the season is memorable, it’s time to get planning.

There are so many things we want to do every summer, but we don’t usually get to everything. We have some great ideas for how to ensure your summer is exactly what you want to be. Grab your sunscreen, beach bag and favorite book, it’s time to start preparing for summer.

This blog post is all about how to have an amazing summer!

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Life Lessons Learned from Our Chren Weekend 

Last weekend the two of us got to have one of our amazing friendship weekends. For us, a friendship weekend means we spend almost all of our time together going on adventures. We had the chance to do a Boston harbor cruise, hit up a rooftop bar, swim for the first time in 2022, walk along the beach and eat lots of tasty food. The picture above is from the harbor cruise.

While we spend most of our time together laughing and joking around, we tend to have some serious discussions as well. Even the first day we ever spent together we had a long and deep conversation about how we view the world. 

So, after spending all weekend together, here are the lessons that can be taken from our conversations with each other and with our other friends. We hope our readers enjoy learning from our reflections.

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10 Fun Spring Activities to Try in 2023

Can you believe it’s already spring? If you’re like us, then you’re enjoying the warmer weather and taking advantage of being outside more often. We came up with 10 fun activities to make your spring unforgettable. It’s time to shed the winter coats and embrace the beautiful sunshine.

This blog post is all about fun activities for spring.

What’s your favorite spring activity and what are you looking forward to most this spring? Let us know in the comments.

1. Visit a Farmer’s Market

We love when the local farmer’s markets open up. Neither of us has a green thumb, so we enjoy going out and getting fresh produce when we can. A lot of farmer’s markets also have food trucks and sell other items, such as skincare and soap.

Hopefully you’ll find something incredible and you find some fresh seasonal produce. Make a day out of it and after shopping, use the produce to cook a meal or bake something delicious.

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