Conversations Every Couple Should Have Before Marriage

Do you love watching romantic comedies where the couple always lives happily ever after? We do too! But that’s not reality. In fact, we read through different sources from the past decade. All of the sources estimate that the divorce rate hovers between 40 and 50% in the United States.

Common cited reasons for divorce include money disagreements, infidelity or marrying too young. Another cause is getting married without being together long enough to really get to know each other. For example, the honeymoon phase in a relationship can last over a year, especially for couples who don’t see each other every day.

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Learning Your Love Language

Have you ever taken the time to figure out your love language? We expect that a lot of people haven’t. However, knowing your love language can help your relationship. Your personal love languages can help you understand the way you show other people that you care about them.

Dr. Gary Chapman created the five love languages and wrote about them in his book The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts. While he believed that all of these are important for a lasting relationship, he believed that each person has one that stands out most to them.

If you haven’t learned your love language yet, check out Dr. Chapman’s Quiz here. Let us know your results in the comments or in the poll below. We took the quiz and the results were Quality Time and Physical Touch as our most important.

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